Amazon Will Sell Vehicles Starting With Hyundai

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Hyundai has joined forces with Amazon to sell vehicles on the online retail platform. Announced at the 2023 LA Auto Show, this collaboration represents a significant stride for the automotive industry. Given Amazon’s status as an e-commerce titan, the next step in online shopping is streamlining the car buying process. This venture is poised to redefine how people buy cars with Hyundai as a leading pioneer. We’ll see how this new partnership will affect Hyundai as well as how it aims to redefine the car-buying process. 

Hyundai & Amazon Redefine Online Car Buying

Hyundai and Amazon’s partnership signifies a strategic move to enhance convenience in the online car purchasing process. Amazon offered consumers a way to research vehicles through Vehicle Showrooms but this service limited customers to only car accessories. This collaboration expands on that service providing consumers numerous choices. They can choose preferences like models, trims, and colors. About the partnership, Hyundai Santa Monica owner Mike Sullivan said,

“We’re now partnering with one of the world’s leading digital retailers,” Sullivan said. “They’ve led the way in delivering customer convenience, and now they’re going to help us take our customer experience to the next level. Amazon also brings massive reach and marketing power to connect to more customers. We can’t wait to get started.”

Hyundai will lead the charge in transforming how consumers engage in vehicle shopping through its partnership with Amazon. The South Korean automaker will authorize its dealers to list their complete lineup on Amazon. From there, local dealerships will have control over the pricing displayed on the e-commerce platform. They will also operate as the official sellers. This shift in the vehicle browsing experience is expected to revolutionize the dynamics between consumers and dealerships. Despite potential initial challenges, Hyundai’s initiative lays the groundwork for improving online convenience for consumers. Amazon will initially only offer Hyundai vehicles but other brands will become available later.


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