How Do I Update the Built-In Navigation System in My Hyundai? Follow Just a Few Easy Steps

Technology is ever-changing, improving likewise to enhance your drive-time, and that means occasionally having to stay on top of the Hyundai map updates that help keep your new Elantra, Santa Fe, or Tucson headed across new horizons. Not to worry, however. We at Vision Hyundai Webster are here to help demystify the process and get you and your new car or SUV back on the road and making way for the venue. Just follow a simple process to bring your navigation system's SD card up to date, and you'll be there and back again in no time.

  • First, remove your vehicle's SD card from the slot in the center console, just to the upper-left of your infotainment system.
  • Then, ensure it's unlocked and not write-protected. You can do so by sliding the card's locking mechanism to the "up" position.
  • Next, insert the SD card into your computer's SD card reader. Only use the SD card Hyundai provides; any other can disable your navigation system.
  • Follow the prompts provided to download the latest software update.
  • Once it's downloaded, you needn't do anything more -- just start your vehicle, and, while it remains running, insert the SD card back into your vehicle's center-console slot.
  • If you get an error message, just continue with the installation -- the message shouldn't re-appear once installation is complete.
  • Press the "Setup" button on your center console to access the setup menu, and just follow some quick and easy prompts, as follows.
  • Scroll down on the "Setup" screen to find and tap the "System Info" icon.
  • Tap "Update" at the bottom of the "System Info" screen.
  • Touch the "OK" button to begin the update, but don't turn off your ignition.
  • The navigation update will occur in seven steps, titled:
  1. Preparing System Update
  2. Copying Files
  3. Preparing System Update (here, the system will automatically reboot, and a blank screen will momentarily appear)
  4. Updating the System
  5. Updating GPS
  6. Updating Modem (This process won't apply to vehicles not equipped with Hyundai Blue Link)
  7. Updating uCom

The process can take as little as 20 but as many as 40 minutes to complete, and in the interim, the Hyundai logo or display will be blank some of the time, which is normal.

When the update's all set, an "Update is complete" message will appear, followed by an automatic reboot. When you see the safe-travel Disclaimer or the Home screen reappear, press the "Setup" button, scroll down to the "Connectivity" icon, tap it, and ensure the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay buttons are toggled to the "ON" position.

Now, you're all set and ready to lay in a course for wherever the open road may take you! Should you have troubleshooting needs or other concerns, you're welcome to contact us here on Ridge Road, and we'll get you pointed in the right direction. Happy trails!

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