The Urban and Rugged Hyundai Kona

An Overview of the All New Kona’s Style, Convenience, and Technology

As Western New Yorkers, finding a car that fits our needs in both style and capability is a hard task. We need a car that reflects our city lifestyle but doesn’t hold us back from our love for the outdoors. Hyundai recently released a vehicle for the perfect solution, the Kona…

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2018 Hyundai Ioniq Recognized as Women's World Car of the Year at the Busan International Motor Show

As before, so this week. The innovative trio comprising the Hyundai hybrid and EV lineup, a first of its kind in the world, sporting a choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric powertrains, once more garnered a Women's World Car of the Year Supreme Award, this time, for a new model year.

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Two Hyundai SUVs Take Home New England Motor Press Association Winter Vehicle Awards

In some big news for western New York drivers in search of a new SUV with extra-mile capability, the experts at NEMPA, as part of their illustrious Winter Vehicle Awards, have named the Hyundai Santa Fe a "Best in Class Mid-Size SUV" and the all-new Hyundai Kona "Green Car of the Year." Members took to their eponymous population-dense and geographically distinct locale to analyze a host of vehicles for their ability to cross some of the toughest terrain and tack through some of the foulest driving weather. And this, during the coldest months of the season!

Of course, those that…

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Vincentric Recognizes Two Hyundai Sedans for Commitment to Value

The cost and value analysis authority recently named the 2018 Hyundai Elantra SE and the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Blue recipients of their Best Fleet Value in America Awards for lowest overall costs and most enduring value throughout the life of ownership.

But not just any number crunching made such accolades possible. They were determined according to numerous scenarios and eight different factors, from depreciation, fees, taxes, and financing to fuel, insurance, maintenance and repair expenses, and opportunity cost. For Hyundai Elantra SE and Ioniq Hybrid Blue, it marked a...

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Praise Rains Down for 2018 Hyundai KONA

The all-new crossover, fresh off the factory line, is already upending the compact SUV segment with not one, not two, but three different awards from a couple of heavy-hitting authorities.

For one, the Northwest Automotive Press Association. More than 25 of its journalists, including NWAPA President John Vincent of US News & World Report, came together at the 218 Mudfest competition at Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington to present the new AWD-equipped Kona Ultimate trim with a coveted Subcompact Utility Vehicle Award for "nimble handling, excellent quality, and...

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A Well-Founded Automotive Tradition is on Proud Display in Every Hyundai Vehicle

There's a reason why Hyundai has been ranked #1 in customer loyalty nine years in a row according to the authoritative Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. More reasons begin to crop up when considering that the experts at Kelley Blue Book rated our automaker the lowest 5-year cost to own of all brands. After all, when one can stand behind the most enduring value as well as among the lowest total depreciation, maintenance, repair, and fuel costs over time, there ought to be. So, what makes the Hyundai brand stand out from the rest as a favorite of…

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There Are Many Reasons Webster, NY Drivers Already Love the New 2018 Hyundai KONA

If we could describe the first-ever compact SUV of its kind, built on an all-new Hyundai CUV platform, in a turn of phrase, it'd be this: the new 2018 KONA crossover is the whole package. From base SE and midrange SEL through the luxurious and fully loaded Limited and Ultimate trims, it's already garnering praise as appealing to the busy urban lifestyle and enthusiasts of the unbeaten path alike. That's for a boatload of reasons, too!

For one, multi-terrain capability both on and off-road. That's more than just owing to the fun handling afforded by Normal…

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2018 Hyundai Elantra is the Safe Choice for Webster, NY Drivers

The weather outside can be frightful. Here in western New York, and in our Webster homestead, so can the terrain be less than delightful. Sometimes, it can seem like you've no place to go when it comes to a sedan built to the height of industry safety standards to stay the course when Mother Nature lets it snow. Not so with Hyundai. In fact…

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What Can I Tow with a Hyundai SUV?

Our Webster, NY neighborhood prides itself on being an avid outdoor and sports community. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, and with a motto like "Where Life Is Worth Living," it makes sense. There's plenty to do and see locally, and venues around western New York fanning out in all directions, brimming with the promise of adventure. Best of all, there's a new Hyundai SUV ready to tow the line on the gear to define your trip.

If you're planning to take that lightly loaded utility trailer on the road, the Hyundai Tucson can help make…

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Hyundai Backs Your Investment Bumper-to-Bumper with "America's Best Warranty"

Drivers investing a new Hyundai may be doing so for the winning combination of performance and safety advancements, technologies at the industry forefront, and amenities for the trip. But at the same time, we've found that they prefer for peace of mind a demonstrable commitment to quality on which anyone well-traveled can depend, beyond a stellar roster of features. On that note, if you're in the market for a new car or SUV, you're in luck. You'll be hard-pressed to find a dedication greater than that of our automaker's "America's Best Warranty." The proof…

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