Hyundai Improves Its EVs With Active Air Skirt Technology

January 26th, 2024 by


Hyundai recently introduced an innovative technology that enhances the performance of its electric vehicles. Known as Active Air Skirt (AAS), this cutting-edge advancement improves the aerodynamics of Hyundai’s EV lineup. The result is an extended driving range and increased performance. This initiative represents Hyundai’s dedication to advancing its EV technology. The South Korean automaker also recently implemented new integrated chain technology to its EVs allowing them to better tackle harsh winter conditions.  Hyundai’s commitment to EV development has been underscored by the launch of the latest Ioniq 5N which is slated to be its most powerful model yet. Hyundai has also introduced new driver connectivity services. While Hyundai is focused on several different advancements, we’ll take a closer look at the Active Air Skirt technology and see what consumers can expect. 

Hyundai Unveils New EV Technology

Hyundai’s latest technological advancement is its Active Air Skirt (AAS) technology. AAS operates by minimizing wind resistance at higher speeds, thereby enhancing control and handling for Hyundai’s EVs. The technology will sit between the front bumper and wheels of the vehicle. It will regulate airflow to the lower part of the bumper, adjusting as needed when air resistance surpasses rolling resistance. Engineered to activate when the vehicle exceeds 50 mph, the AAS is constructed with durable rubber material capable of withstanding speeds exceeding 124 mph. At speeds below 43 mph, the AAS technology remains concealed, emerging only when necessary to optimize efficiency.

Hyundai’s relentless pursuit of innovation in the EV sector demonstrates its commitment to remain competitive in the emerging market. While many other automakers are venturing into EV production, Hyundai has solidified its lead by prioritizing new and innovative technology. Hyundai’s AAS technology is still undergoing testing, but based on the initial results there was a significant 2.8% improvement in drag reduction. This resulted in nearly 4 additional miles of battery range. Hyundai anticipates that the AAS technology will offer greater benefits to EV SUVs and trucks given their larger size. As Hyundai continues to push the boundaries of EV technology, its influence in the market is poised to expand further. For now, we’ll be staying tuned for further updates.


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