Hyundai & Samsung Partner For Improved Driver Connectivity

January 12th, 2024 by


Hyundai is partnering with Samsung to improve driver connectivity. The South Korean automaker will work to increase vehicle connectivity allowing owners to pair their vehicles and home appliances for easy use. This collaboration with Samsung will expand user connectivity providing a seamless experience. As of late, EVs have been a main focus for Hyundai. Most recently, the automaker released the all-new 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5N which is its most powerful EV yet. As Hyundai builds up its technology, EVs like the Ioniq will offer owners a more seamless user experience. For now, we’ll take a closer look at what this means for Hyundai as well as consumers. 

Hyundai To Offer Increased User Connectivity

Hyundai and Samsung will partner together to bring drivers improved connectivity. Both companies will offer consumers increased compatibility between their vehicle and their home appliances. With improved connectivity, owners will be able to remotely control their appliances using the infotainment system inside their vehicles. Similarly, owners will also be able to control certain functions in their vehicles from inside their homes with their smartphone apps and smart televisions.

Hyundai will collaborate with Samsung to share in its ‘SmartThings’ platform. To better improve driver connectivity, the South Korean automaker will develop an infotainment system that can be paired with the digital platform. Using over-the-air services, owners will have access to updates that will gradually improve the vehicle’s software. Those owners with EVs will see more advantages when using the new software as it will allow them to check their home and vehicle energy usage.

Hyundai’s latest improvements provide owners with seamless access to their smart technology. With EVs like the all-new Ioniq 5N, owners will have more in-depth knowledge of their energy usage. New features like Hyundai Home will also allow owners to decide how they want to charge their vehicles and how they want to use excess energy. While these new updates sound promising, we’ll have to wait for more information. For now, it seems consumers can expect all-new technology and software that will improve their user experience. 


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