Hyundai’s Electric Revolution: The All-New 2024 Kona EV

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The upcoming electric Hyundai Kona is scheduled to hit the market this autumn and has gone through a considerable upgrade from roof to wheels, flaunting a positively fresh design, along with a slew of extra niceties and a remarkable range of 260 miles.

It was in 2018 when the popular South Korean automaker revealed its Kona Electric compact electric SUV, quickly becoming favorable among Hyundai fans and the media.

Initially boasting a range of up to 258 miles and an enticing starting price below $40,000 (plus destination fee), the Kona Electric carved out its niche. However, it faced stiff competition from newcomers like the Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model Y, both featuring contemporary designs and enhanced features, eventually outpacing the Kona Electric in sales.

For its 2024 second-generation Kona model, Hyundai has raised the bar by introducing an EV-centric sporty design, augmented interior space, and a plethora of added safety and technological progressions.

The Kona Electric car, set to debut last December, marked a significant milestone, arriving five years after its initial market introduction. The automaker’s latest compact SUV has been meticulously designed as an electric vehicle from the ground up, departing from the traditional approach of retrofitting combustion models for electric power.

In response to customer feedback, Hyundai has incorporated enhancements into the 2024 Kona Electric, focusing on expanding interior space and extending its driving range.

Presenting the 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric

The transformations are readily noticeable. The exterior design has undergone a complete transformation, now boasting a captivating, electric vehicle-inspired look.

Hyundai has made substantial improvements in aerodynamics, scoring an impressive drag coefficient of 0.27. This feat was accomplished through enhancements to both the front and rear aspects of the vehicle, the incorporation of active grille shutters, and more. Additionally, the car manufacturer has integrated electric vehicle-specific elements, such as a Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp that spans the front and incorporates Pixel graphics.

The charging port door lamp that was recently integrated conducts charging sessions at night, while the optional battery preconditioning advances performance in cold weather.

The cabin provides an elongated, technology-rich “living space,” featuring a floating horizontal C-Pad and integrated dual 12.3″ panoramic display screens.

The interior layout of the Kona Electric has been expanded, widened, and made more versatile, measuring 104.7″ in length, 71.9″ in width, and 62.2″ in height (including roof rails). Concurrently, the front seats have been slimmed down by 30 percent to maximize legroom for rear passengers, and a latching system allows for rear seat reclining.

With fully foldable second-row seating, the new Kona EV offers up to 63.7 cubic feet of rear cargo volume, simplifying the loading and unloading process.

The upcoming electric Kona SUV also involves a 0.95-cubic-foot frunk, V2L capability, and a Smart Regenerative System. The inventive i-PEDAL driving mode allows for one-pedal driving, while the Smart Regen system automatically tempers braking based on real-time data.

There will be two battery options available for the new compact SUV. One of them is the standard 48.6 kWh model, which offers 133 hp and 188 lb-ft of torque (the range has not yet been determined).

All the while, the bigger 64.8 kWh battery, flaunts 201 hp and 188 lb-ft of torque, driving on an estimated range of 260 miles. The electric Kona can change from 10 to 80 percent in just 43 minutes using 400V fast charging. This car is scheduled to arrive at North American dealerships later this autumn.

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