Winter Car Care Tips

Gearing Up for Winter's Deep Freeze? Heed Some Helpful Winter Car Care Tips from Vision Hyundai Webster

Whether chestnuts are roasting over an open fire is up in the winter air, but by now, Jack Frost is surely beginning to nip at your nose. It's the most wonderful time of the year for making sure that your new Hyundai is ready to face Old Man Winter's challenges here in the Rochester and Greece areas, so here are a few suggestions for preparing to ride them through to the thaw.

  • Bring your vehicle up to date on inspection with our auto service pros. As we're experts on the entire Hyundai car, truck, and SUV line as well as in the nuts and bolts of the greater automotive industry, we'll be well placed and delighted to examine all of its systems, from the battery to its thermostat, coolant levels, brakes and components, heater, defroster, and more.
  • Check the quality of your lights. It's best that all are in working order, including your hazard lights. But as you may not always have on hand a helper to watch for illumination when you press the brake, we can certainly check them out for you.
  • Winterize your windshield. Nothing can put a damper on the ride when the weather outside is frightful quite like a clogged spray nozzle, an empty wiper fluid tank, or wipers that just plain don't hack it through ice and snow. Make sure your nozzles are unobstructed, your washer tank's full of cleaner intended for colder temperatures, and your wipers can make it through the slush without scraping, streaking, or skipping. If needed, it's a good idea to get them replaced. Luckily, our Webster, NY car service center has more than a few pairs on hand.
  • Examine your tires. The penny test can be a good bet to determine tread quality, but if your treads appear to be a concern otherwise, your tires won't remain inflated to the right PSI, or you're just planning to switch to snow tires, we can help take care of it.
  • Safeguard exterior paint. A wash and a fresh coat, along with a wax, can help stave off the effects of not only the elements but also corrosives like road salt. Be sure to give your vehicle a rinse from time to time to remove any debris or build-up. It'll go a long way to keeping your investment ready for spring - not to mention good-looking.
  • Check your engine oil. Motor oil thickens when it's cold outside, making operation tougher on your engine. Our car repair techs can change your oil if your vehicle's factory schedule calls, but if you're a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to substitute the old oil filter for a new one. Before you close up shop, take a look at your radiator and heater hoses, too. Cracking, leaks, or visible contaminants should be addressed post haste.
  • Make sure your battery is up to snuff. Winter's chill can mean a battery in need of more cranking power to start your engine. Make sure yours is fully charged.

If you're in need of further advice on a specific aspect of auto service, maintenance, or repair, or you'd just like to schedule a visit before heading through the thick of it, you're welcome to get in touch with us here at Vision Hyundai Webster. The certified personnel that call our 755 Ridge Road Hyundai dealership will be delighted to give your vehicle a thorough going-over in preparation for the year's coldest months.