Hyundai NPX1 Ioniq 5N Concept Unveiled At Tokyo Auto Salon

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Hyundai is planning on offering aftermarket parts for the 2025 Ioniq 5N. The all-electric SUV is already slated to be Hyundai’s most powerful model yet, but the automaker is taking the Ioniq 5N even further. Hyundai unveiled a concept Ioniq 5N called the NPX1 at the Tokyo Auto Salon show in Japan. The concept SUV highlights some of the aftermarket parts the South Korean automaker will make available. Like many automakers, Hyundai has been focused on electrification. The all-electric Ioniq 5N is the pinnacle of the automaker’s EV efforts. As such, we’ll take a closer look at the concept SUV and see what consumers can expect.

New Ioniq 5N Concept Revealed

Hyundai has unveiled a new Ioniq 5N concept called the NPX1. Revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon show in Japan, the SUV is essentially an upgraded Ioniq 5N. The acronym stands for ‘N Performance eXperimental 1.’ As Hyundai’s most powerful model yet, the all-electric SUV already offers impressive performance and capability. Now the South Korean automaker is taking it a step further. The NPX1 concept arrived with several new upgrades that Hyundai plans to offer as aftermarket parts. Focused on increasing performance, the upgrades enhance the Ioniq 5N by adding exterior and internal modifications. 

Looking at the NPX1 concept, we see that the aftermarket parts showcased include a large front splitter with tall endplates. The SUV also features deep side skirts with rear air intakes and a large rear diffuser. For the wheels, a hybrid of alloy spokes and carbon fiber rims are used. For its internal upgrades, Hyundai equipped the Ioniq 5N concept with more aggressive brake pads and lowering springs. Those looking forward to these improvements can expect them to become available later in 2024.

The 2025 Ioniq 5N is currently Hyundai’s most powerful EV. With a 0 to 60 mph time of just 3.4 seconds, the all-electric SUV  features 641 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. To ensure drivers have the best performance available, Hyundai has equipped the crossover SUV with a battery preconditioning feature that pre-sets the battery temperature for optimal performance. The Ioniq 5N also features an innovative e-shift transmission that simulates an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission to provide better driver feedback. With Hyundai’s latest improvements, the 2025 Ioniq 5N will offer even greater performance and capability. The automaker has stated that its new aftermarket parts are still in development so for now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information. 

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